With LED everybody wins. The environment, the employees and the economy.” Berner’s Warehouse and Logistic Manager Thomas Gaardbo looks back after the first 5 months with LED light from CO2LIGHT. […]

Berner A/S wins big with new LED

Energy-efficient lighting, which both decrease energy consumption and at the same time optimize the user experience for customers, has come to stay. It is companies like these – in this […]

Energy-efficient light in Ulsted Autohandel

Efter lysoptimering med energisparende lyskilder fra CO2LIGHT kan FKS nu se frem til store besparelser på både el og kroner.
Most suppliers of light sources want to be world champions in what they do, in a market that is still in rapid development, and where technology constantly is moving in […]

Experts in professional light sources

Just before our little vacation away from the headquarters, which we all enjoyed with a wide smile on our lips, we have been busy optimizing more Jutlandish companies with the […]

Two truck centers LED-optimized

New owners in a historic café with new exciting light The summer sun is beginning to rise high above the historic Viking graves in Nørresundby, just north of Aalborg, and […]

New owners in a colorful light

Do not save your strength, but save your energy and money on the bottom line. We feel it is pure common sense” Training centers in general have a lot of […]

Fitness4you illuminated

The feather balls in HBK now hovers under new LED It has been a huge decision for the board in Horsens Badminton, keeping the hall closed for four days in […]

HBK with new LED light sources

A small LED-story from the sunny Island of Bornholm, late summer 2016. – We have had the same fluorescent lamps for many years, and some of them even began hanging […]

New light in Rönne Swimming bath

CO2LIGHT illuminates classical painters with sustainable light enhancements, that reduce your electricity bill.” We are a modern center of know how and a versatile supplier of LED light sources, and […]

Gallery Lien with LED

All modern research – based on the effect of light on our body and mental state shows – that it affects the quality of sleep and furthermore our overall health. The […]

Skipper Clement School in Aalborg

During July 2016 all light sources in both the gym-facility, production hall and warehouse has been replaced with energy-saving LED – to great satisfaction of both management and the 180 […]

Lantmännen Schulstad thinks green

– I encourage all companies, that are interested in saving money on their electricity bill, to explore the possibilities of LED. Who does not want more light for their money […]

Toy store in a new light

A well-known turist attraction and proud landmark in the city of Aalborg, ‘Aalborg Zoo’ has made a ESCO-Light Service and Energy Agreement with CO2LIGHT, which means that CO2LIGHT has financed […]

Aalborg Zoo

Supplier with a bright idea Not many shop prioritize new lighting, but that was before they heard of CO2LIGHT. We pay for both installation and maintenance during a six year period, […]

Super Spar

“In 2011, we were approached by several suppliers of LED lighting, who were able to replace our lighting tubes. Furthermore, we discovered that LED light was extremely pleasant compared to […]


– Falck Denmark A/S has decided to try LED lighting in select stations, both to become a greener business and to save money on the electricity bill. Our station in […]


A respons from the company, Boglas A/S: With reference to earlier deliveries in the spring of 2012 of LED lamps for Boglas A/S, the delivery of LED lamps for the […]

Boglas A/S

CO2LIGHT has cooperated with Kapa Oil ltd. with the goal of supplying them with cheaper, more efficient and more reliable lighting in form of LED light. The deliverance from CO2LIGHT […]

Kapa Oil