LED for Industry

A growing number of plants, storage and production halls and similiar places looks towards LED light in industry, for a solution to a number of wishes, often including:

  • more effective lighting
  • lower costs of maintenance and upkeep
  • more safety by improved light
  • smaller amount of time used for maintaining and changing the lights

They look to LED light, because LED light from CO2LIGHT can actually accommodate all of these wishes!

Basically, LED light from CO2LIGHT is the smart choice, because of a peak efficacy (often > 110 lm/W), higher durability (over 50.000 hours), and higher safety ratings (high color rendering index, which is akin to daylight).
Furthermore, it is not necessary to worry about any investment or installation, because through the ESCO-Light Service and Energy Agreement, CO2LIGHT will take care of it all. You just have to worry about making the only smart decision!

Recommended LED: INDUS High Bay UFO

             INDUS High Bay Ufo

INDUS High Bay UFO from CO2LIGHT is an extremely popular family of LED lighting which has a very high lumen output. The LED lamp is especially suited for large halls with very high ceilings and large floor areas such as production halls and storage halls. INDUS High Bay UFO is also used in swimming facilities and exhibition centres.

Traditional lighting needs large amounts of power to produce the sort of lumen, which the INDUS High Bay UFO LED light from CO2LIGHT produces – using a lot less power due to a very high efficiency. When a large hall have to be sufficiently illuminated, there is a lot of money and power to be saved by switching to LED light from CO2LIGHT.

The quality of the light is also significantly better, which creates a more pleasant environment for the workers, who will not become tired as fast as they used to, thanks to LED light.