LED for Shops

Shops and supermarkets have a large demand for high quality lighting, which will make the products look much more appealing to the costumer, who needs to be comfortable and relaxed when browsing. These demands make LED light an enticing lighting solution for an increasing number of shops and supermarkets.

LED lights emit a light, which is very much akin to daylight, using a much higher efficacy than traditional lighting. LED lights output more lumen using less watts, and the light is easier and more comfortable for the human eyes to adjust to. Any object being illuminated by LED light, will therefore automatically look more appealing to the human eye.

The more relaxing light has also been proven to induce a more relaxed and comfortable state in humans, which helps the shops improve the moods of the costumers. This is a big part of why LED lighting is so popular in schools.

Recommended product: LED Tube

                           T8 LED tube

Fluorescent light tubes have for a long time been one of the most popular lighting solutions in many situations. With so many different LED products on the market however, a replacement of the fluorescent tubes are often performed. LED tubes from CO2LIGHT have many distinct advantages compared to traditional fluorescent tubes, and they are often an effective lighting solution.

In both small and large halls or supermarkets, there are no special demands regarding the protection rating of the lighting, and here, LED tubes from CO2LIGHT is a cost effective solution, which is better for the environment. If there are special guidelines in relation to the protection rating, however, we also supply heavy duty LED tubes.

LED tubes from CO2LIGHT are with both clear and frosted covers, they come in different color temperatures and in a broad spectrum of wattages. No matter your need, we can supply you with a solution, which perfectly suits your needs. And, if you utilize our ESCO-Light Service and Energy Agreement, you will not have to put any money down. The investment is repaid by the savings on your electric bill. Get a optimized LED solution without any investment.