LED for schools

Definitive science: LED improves learning

Humans need artificial light to regulate the circadian rhythm, but scientists believe that light can affect humans in other ways too. Research suggests that light can be able to change our ability to be empathic.

“Without a doubt, light is able to change the quality of the sleep you get, and thereby also your behaviour,” says Aikaterini Argyraki, who researches the effect light has on our minds and bodies.

Humans are more alert in a blueish light, and more relaxed when subjected to more yellow and redish light. Different types of light can make some animals more or less agressive, and the same trend is visible in humans.

When the cells in our retinas detect daylight, they message the brain to wake up, and release serotonin. Serotonin is used to regulate feelings, and is connected with an improved empathy. International research shows that, with the correct form of illumination, people can be more relaxed and less stressed. It is also possible to induce significant improvements to the immediate environment.

LED is not just LED!

        LED panels from CO2LIGHT

In this highly technological age, LED lighting is a much better alternative to traditional lighting in every aspect. However, there are still bad products out there – even in LED lighting. Therefore, it is a good idea to stick with a company run by technical engineers, who produce and sell their own products. This is a warranty many companies cannot offer their costumers, but CO2LIGHT can. We know exactly what products we produce and sell, and their quality.

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