– Falck Denmark A/S has decided to try LED lighting in select stations, both to become a greener business and to save money on the electricity bill. Our station in Frederikshavn was lucky to be chosen.

During the spring and summer of 2012, we made a deal with CO2LIGHT, because of the rather attractive offer on a total solution, where all lighting would be changed to LED.

The assignment consisted of changing the lights in our garage, in our offices and in our break room. The LED light was installed by Lindpro A/S.

Our experience with the new LED lights have been very positive, and there has not been a single negative remark about the replacement since the installation. We have received a incredible light in our garage, and the light turns on at the same instant the switch is flipped. The buzzing sound, which came from the old lights, is completely gone, and this has been noticed by all the workers.

Especially our training rooms has become a very pleasant place to reside. Before, when the training days were long, the bad lighting made us even more tired along with the buzzing sound. This is all gone, and the workers report that the lighting has become much more calm.

As a added bonus, we received new exterior lighting as well, which really improved our facade, and presents the business in a professional manner.

The cooporation with CO2LIGHT has been most pleasant.”

– Jacob Staal Kolind

Station Manager