LED Financing


ESCO-Light service agreement

ESCO-Light is a service and energy agreement, which is made with CO2LIGHT. The agreement allows CO2LIGHT to finance the switch to LED lighting, and will also maintain the light during the period of agreement. The payment for the LED light is paid by a part of the savings on the electricity bill, which are guaranteed to follow the investment. LED light can thereby be obtained without any money up front!

If you save 5000 USD a month, you will pay an agreed upon sum (4500 USD as an example), and still be cash positive right from the start.

When a ESCO-Light service and energy agreement is made with CO2LIGHT, you will always receive capable and correct guidance from a professional producer and supplier of LED light. CO2LIGHT is a company run by engineers, who have a passion for sustainable lighting, and it is our goal to make the switch to LED light as painless and smooth as absolutely possible.

The switch to LED is without any risk, if the ESCO-Light service and energy agreement from CO2LIGHT is used. When the light is paid of, which typically takes under 3 years, you will receive the full savings from then on. You will always receive 5 years of warranty on CO2LIGHT products.