INDUS A – Sport Luminaire

INDUS A – Sport Luminaire is a LED light source from CO2LIGHT, which is both a fixture and a LED light in one single product. The fixture possesses an extremely high efficacy and lumen output, which makes it capable of illuminating even large halls, and thelight follows the requirements which sports halls must follow.

The light is very evenly distributed, it does not flicker and it is very akin to daylight. These properties makes the light much more pleasant for the eye, which raises the ability to focus and to concentrate. The eyes also have a uch easier time focusing on small objects moving very fast, which is often the case in many sports which are performed indoors.

If the ESCO-Light Agreement from CO2LIGHT is used, this new LED light can be yours without putting any money down!

CO2LIGHT has already LED optimized over 200 sports halls throughout Denmark, and with this great INDUS A armatur we make sure, that our costumers get the best conditions from the beginning.