INDUS Floodlight IP66

        INDUS Floodlight from CO2LIGHT


INDUS Floodlight IP66 from CO2LIGHT is an economically effective replacement for tradition lighting used to illuminating building façades, signs, parking lots and other outdoor areas.

This product has an outstandingly high output of lumen, which is much more focused than that of the INDUS High Bay-family, which is why it is a popular solution in situations, where a focused beam of light is important.

The LED light has a colour spectrum very akin to daylight without any flickering effect, which makes it ideal for sport events and other activities. The light makes it easier for the eye to focus on small, rapid movements, and it follows all the requirements TV broadcasts must adhere to.

Furthermore, because of the superior quality of the light, signs illuminated by INDUS Floodlight will naturally appear much more appealing to the naked eye and potential costumers.

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