LED Ceiling Light

Ceiling Light

LED Ceiling Lights from CO2LIGHT are possible to install directly into existing ceiling lights. The LED lamp is magnetic, and it can therefore easily be installed in the fixtures, which are already present in many offices, shops and teaching rooms. With such an easy installation, and a large improvement in the quality of light, a switch to LED ceiling lights from CO2LIGHT is an easy choice.

The LED lamp radiates light, which is proven to reduce stress and improve both the mood and quality of sleep.

Apart from the improved light, which is akin to daylight, Ceiling Light from CO2LIGHT is much more effective than traditional lighting. A LED light of 20 W can easily replace a traditional lamp of over 35 W, even though the same fixture is being used. The most essential part of this, besides you achieving great savings on your electricity, is that you get more power/more lumen, but minimize the consumption of electricity. Sometimes up to 80 % compared to before.

Do not hesitate to contact one of our competent consultants in a area near you (Aalborg, Herning or Greve – Copenhagen) and hear about the many opportunities with LED.

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