LED Panels


LED panels from CO2LIGHT is a very popular quality product. It has a much better quality of light than any other fluorescent tubes, because the light i so alike to daylight. Our panels has a large surface, which ensures a more even spread of the light compared to traditional lighting.

LED panels are extremely popular in teaching environments, and our team of experts are happy to deliver reports about the optimization of teaching through control of lighting and colors.

The LED panel are completely flat agains the ceiling, if the ceiling plates match the size of the panel. If they don’t, it is possible to hang the panel from the ceiling in a wire.

The LED panels from CO2LIGHT is a much more elegantly designed solution compared to fluorescent light tubes.

If you have any question regarding LED in general, do not hesitate to contact our team of excellent energy consultants. We are a nation wide LED company, and you can always get in touch with a consultant in your respected area (Aalborg, Herning or Greve – Copenhagen).

The LED Panel (600×600 mm) is one of our most popular products, selected by a wide range of costumers – because it is suitable for almost every environment. Our energy consultants are always ready to guide you. Just call 70 70 15 55.