LED Street light

  Modern Street Light from CO2LIGHT


LED Street light from CO2LIGHT is a much more economic and safe way to better illuminate the roads. The LED lamp has a high lumen output, while using less power with a colour spectrum much akin to daylight. The natural light will not only make the roads better illuminated and therefore safer, but it also helps motorists concentrate and makes them more alert. It also elevates the mood, which will lead to a decrease in road rage, which has the potential to make the roads a larger hazard than they have to be.

All these factors make LED Street light from CO2LIGHT a popular alternative compared to traditional light sources, which often contains lead. Furthermore a very rewarding aspect of LED in general are the large savings in electricity consumption.

Furthermore, if you use the ESCO-Light Agreement from CO2LIGHT, you will get the LED lamps with absolutely no money down, and pay off the investment with a part of the savings you are guaranteed to gain.

Do you have any questions regarding finance or a LED project in general, you are always welcome to contact CO2LIGHT on 70 70 15 55.