LED Tubes


Fluorescent light tubes have for a long time been one of the most popular sources of light for a variety of purposes. With so many different LED products on the market today, you often see the fluorescent tubes being replaced. LED tubes from CO2LIGHT, however, has many advantages over other products, which often make them a ideal replacement for traditional lighting. One example is in large halls, supermarkets and offices.

The tubes is a very economically effective solution in situations where there a no special requirements to the protection rating of the LED product.

The tubes come with both frostedor clear glass, and we supply our costumers with many different watt models, so a solution can be tailored to your needs specifically.

60088501063000 / 4000Clear / Frosted
6001010101013000 / 4000Clear / Frosted
6001111551053000 / 4000Clear / Frosted
9001717851013000 / 4000Clear / Frosted
12001616901063000 / 4000Clear / Frosted
12002021001053000 / 4000Clear / Frosted
15002021101063000 / 4000Clear / Frosted
15002425201053000 / 4000Clear / Frosted
15002627601063000 / 4000Clear / Frosted
15003034001133000 / 4000Clear / Frosted